Being stalked from India

A few weeks ago while sitting at home I had an encounter with globalization.

The phone rang and I picked it up, the first thing I noticed was the fuzzy line connection.

A man with a distinctive Indian accent (who insisted on calling me ma’m) was trying to convince me to subscribe DirectTV. He launched into a description of why I should get DirectTV and the benefits. I finally said that my mom was not home and there was silence. “Well how old are you?”, he asked. “18”, I replied and obviously that was the green light to keep talking to me. I stupidly gave him my first name and he continued to ask me questions like what I liked to watch and at some point we got into an akward conversation about the Playboy Channel which I quickly tried to steer him away from. He then told me how old he was (20) and that I had a really nice voice and I wondered how many people he had told that, today.

We finally reached the end of our conversation (which lasted about 15-20 minutes) and he said I should pass this information on to my mother and he left his number and he said he would call back later when my mom was home…and oh ya his name? John Smith. I hung up the phone and started to laugh, ya sure…John Smith.

I thought that was the end of my conrversation with John Smith but he called back again and again and again. I was being stalked by a man from India. I started making my brother answer the phone, fearing my stalker from India was calling again. A few days later the phone calls finally stopped when my mom said no she was not interested. I breathed a sign of relief and no longer had to worry when the phone rang that it might be my Indian stalker.

I have learned a lesson from this, globalization has made stalking even from India possible and that is a scary thing.


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