the globalization gods must be laughing

so if you are wondering already why everything is in lower case, its because my shift keys don’t work, neither of them. i could take the time to stop and use the CAPS LOCK everytime i needed to but right now i don’t have the patience.

in a sort of a weird irony my toshiba laptop has decided not to work and it actually started in todays class. do you think its possible that my computer has it out for me[insert question mark] so in my adventure to fix my laptop i’ve been through every process known to man to try and fix it even entering parts of my computer i didn’t even know existed. admitting defeat i called the TAC to help me with my problem, after a few simple questions the girl said she probably needed to look at it. so i walked down to the TAC and after a few minutes the girl admitted to defeat also, saying it was one of the weirdest things she had seen. she asked me to come back tommorrow when more qualified people would be in, i thanked her for her help and sulked all the way back to my room. how can i function without a shift key…see i can’t even add question marks…or add exclamation points for that matter, so really you don’t even know how angry i am.

of course i can not wait until tommorrow so i called the toshiba helpline myself and after a few minutes waiting for a representative to help me i was sure she would have the answer to my problem. sadly though she could not help me [we tried 2 things, the first did nothing and the other thing, well i had already tried that] and said that it could be a virus or something wrong with the actual keys, so here i am.

tommorrow i plan to take it back to the TAC and see if they can do anything, if not it looks like i might have to send it out for repairs. and if you remember from class discussion today toshiba uses UPS to actually cut out the middle man, so in a curious twist of fate that same exact thing i mentioned in class today could be happening to me tommorrow.

its hard to escape globalization


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