Warning:Possible Pointless Rambling Ahead

Rather than really analyzing anything in this post I’ve decided to just talk about a few things that have been on my mind. I don’t keep a journal (too paranoid someone would find it and read it) and as long as this is on the internet I think I might post something relatively sane. If you are unable to follow my stream of thoughts its not your fault. I don’t think coherently and sometimes my writing reflects that. I also do not promise that this post has a point to it, but if you care to read it any comments, questions, suggestions (on where I can find the closest psych ward?) would be nice.

While I was thinking today (as I often do to avoid real work for my classes) I have decided there is too much information available. Does anyone else get that overwhelming feeling of drowning in a sea of information? I’ll read an article online and then find a counter argument in another article that is just as sensible. Then I’ll read on another topic, then another topic, and another topic. By the end of the day I have been swamped with so much information from my classes, newspapers, tv and general online surfing its no wonder my brain won’t shut up. Even as I write this post I have changed my mind about 5 times on what to write about. Now I know its not my responsibility to read every article or opinion anyone has ever had but still I find myself persuing information and asking more questions. No one has ever really looked down on intellectual curiousity but I have reached the point where I get into that “what is the meaning of life?, what does it all matter?” mode and its starting to drain my brain.

The world never stops and I’m pretty sure the older you get the faster it accelerates. I don’t watch the news for one day and I’m 10 steps behind. For example I totally missed the whole Kerry told a bad joke issue (some of you still might not have heard) and even though it was a recent event (like Monday recent) I somehow feel 10 steps behind. Not only are people discussing the bad joke but it proliferates and spins off into other conversations. But as I step back and look at the news that comes and goes I wonder, is there just too much information? Would I be worse off I had never been informed Kerry can’t tell a good joke? Somehow I don’t think so and I’m sure in the coming weeks and months I’ll probably forget about the stupid joke. The more I think about this the more questions I have. I also grow more concerned about the media in general but that is a whole other topic unto itself.

Maybe a broad question that would fit my feelings and ponderings would be what will the average citizen be expected to know in the future? What should a college educated person be expected to know about the world they live in?(I’m trying at this point to ignore all those little nagging questions that come with those I have just asked) With so much information so easily tapped into will there be a new standard? Education in schools has changed since my mother was in school because of changing technologies. Before there was the hand held calculator math at a high school level didn’t go much beyond addition, subtraction, etc. With globalization and technology accelerating and flattening the world what will my children be learning in school?

I probably could go on and on with the questions but that wouldn’t get me very far because many of these questions cannot be answered. I suppose the best you can do is try to predict the future based on the the present. As I come to the end of this post I somehow feel I am asking age old questions, but with a present day twist. Does it really matter what time period I am living it? Isn’t it just human nature to want to know the meaning of life? Does man just naturally hope that what they are doing has some actual meaning so that by the time they get to the end of their life they can look back and not feel regret? I’m probably getting into philosophical ideas and ideas that require volumes of books just to begin answer.

If you could actually comprehend my thinking I thank you for reading my rambling. I guess at this point I am supposed to feel better after getting all this stuff out but I think I am actually left with more questions and confusion but who says that can’t be a good thing?


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