The Difference A Year Makes

I recently talked to my friend Anthony who is now a senior at the high school I went to. Our conversation went something like this:

(General discussion on college, the course work, and the cost)

Me: College does cost a lot of money…

Anthony: Yea and the only thing it is good for is getting that first job but then after that the degree is meaningless

A year ago I probably would have agreed with Anthony but now after going through my first semester of college I have a completely different perspective on a higher education. On the surface the degree is important in getting a job and now it is hard to get a good job without one but I wouldn’t say that is all that it’s good for. It is hard to put it into words but anyone who is going through or has been through college realizes that the degree means a lot more. Its not only the accumulation of knowledge that gets you the degree it is the discipline, hard work, motivation to learn that ultimately pushes you to get the degree. Simply put, at college you learn to learn. As a wise professor once told me, “The point of real education is to learn how to make sense out of the world, which is a lifelong goal. College is merely the beginning where, if we’’re successful, we learn how to go about it.”

Everytime I think I have the world and life figured out I am wrong but its a good thing because life would be boring if we had all the answers.


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