For once I may be planning ahead

Through my mom’s random connections (and a bit of her spontaneity) she knows a guy who works at Ariba and for whatever reason he asked my mom if I would be interested in a summer internship at Ariba. Well as soon as my mom asked me I yelled, “YES!” About a week before this happened I was thinking about things (as I suppose most people must do every now and then) and I decided this coming summer I could not (more like physically unwilling) work at the Pharmacy everyday. I do love the people I work with at the store, it is just the customer service part that can be quite draining. Despite the fact I had no idea what Ariba did I was enthused about the opportunity to do something different.

So today I called the Ariba guy and asked him for the details of the internship. If you are not familiar with Ariba here is what their website says:

“As the leading provider of Spend Management solutions, Ariba helps companies analyze, understand, and manage their corporate spending to achieve increased cost savings and business process efficiency.”

Now while I understood the concept I began to wonder what exactly an internship at the company would look like. So when I called the Ariba guy he told me he wasn’t sure of all the details yet but I would probably being dealing with…customer service! Since Ariba sells their software to companies they have a support line for any problems. If I do get this internship it would be interesting to be on the other side of the fence, considering I have much experience talking to customer service (still haven’t fixed my laptop!).

The company is not to far from my home (wow, does this mean I’ll have to wear nice clothing?) and I won’t have to go all the way to India to give technical support.


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