A Possible Failed Experiment

As part of my grade for my English 101 class I am required to attend at least 2 campus events (approved by the prof.) and write up a reaction. Since this requirement fell under miscellaneous writing assignments I assumed that this was not to be some big research and reactionary paper that was multiple pages long. Of course it needed to be done seriously but considering it was just a reaction and a little summary I thought I could get away with a little bit more of a lax approach in the style of writing.

Since I blogged about the event a day or two after the speech I figured, ‘Hey, why not just turn that in!’. Perhaps I was being a little lazy but I printed it right off the Internet (with a little bit of formatting) and I thought it might be a creative way to present the information.

At the beginning of class we turned in our papers and much to my chagrin I saw several people handing in what appeared to be thick manuscripts. ‘How much writing did they do? Wow, mine is only about a page long’. Unsettled by the sight of people handing in these papers I thought I would mention to my professor after class why mine would be in a different format (and so he wouldn’t think I was just printing stuff off the Internet).

I approach my professor and say, “For the MLK day speech reaction paper, I originally blogged about it so I just printed it off the internet. So if you are wondering why it is in a different format that is why…it’s mine”. His reaction was this:

::Raised eyebrow with a slightly confused look:: “Uh…ok…”

In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have added that last “…it’s mine” because I probably sounded like I was trying to get away with something, but I was nervous and couldn’t really control the things I was saying. I suppose I’ll have to wait and see what I get on this paper, but something tells me my alternative writing format (and possibly the brevity) was not what he was looking for.

Good thing it’s only the beginning of the semester!


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