Major Decisions on a Major

I received an e-mail from academic advising today that went out to all the freshman, here is an excerpt:

“Have you checked out your Degree Plan yet? Do you know how to use the Banner Degree Evaluation “What-If” (tells you what you need for each major), UMW Catalog, the Registrar’s past course offerings, and the Degree Plan to plot out the courses you will take over the next 3 (you’re almost done with the first!) years?”

Technically I don’t need to declare a major until next year, but still the pressure is on to figure it out. So I am stuck with the fear I had going into college, being unable to decide what to major in. Now I know it is very common for people to change their major atleast once or twice before finally deciding on one, but for some reason I just want to be right the first time. This might be an unreasonable request, but it would make my life so much simpler and maybe provide me with some sort of focus. The other side of this is that I like taking random classes and learning about a wide variety of topics and in reality spending all my time focusing on one subject (at this point in my studies) does not appeal to me at all. How am I supposed to plan out what courses I want to take when I have no idea what direction I am going? The most frustrating thing about this is it really is a personal decision and I can’t have someone decide for me. I don’t need someone holding my hand every step of the way, but sometime I  just wish I had an omniscient life instructor that could make these hard decisions for me by digging in my brain and figure out what would be my perfect fit. To bad that kind of thing is out of the question and would probably render my decision making skills obsolete.

If someone were to judge me based on what grades I received in my first semester they would most likely assume math was my favorite subject/strongest suject, which is one thing I know I don’t want to major in. So grades don’t represent my aspirations or goals. I don’t believe I have poor judgement, but I often don’t trust myself with these big decisions because I always think someone always has a better view on the situation. My first semester I was excited about my history class and psych class and was considering going in that direction for a major. This semester I am enjoying my sociology and economics class much more than my history class. Am I enjoying them because there are something “new and shiny” for me to “play with”? It might be too early to tell, but this is where a lot of my frustration comes from and it might end up being one of those things that just takes time.

I think I am just going to put my head down on my desk and hope that my desk lamp will provide some insight.


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