For once wasting my time has paid off

This evening while I was randomly surfing the internet I stumbled across The website is a big collection of quotes and covers all sorts of topics and as I was looking at different quotes I was struck by this one:

If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything. – Win Borden

I recently blogged about my fears and insecurities that come with deciding a major, more specifically, getting it right the first time. I knew that in some way this was unrealistic when I wrote it, but on further reflection I have discovered some things that have helped me deal with these fears. As I have been told by a good friend I have a tendency to be pessimistic about details concerning my future so knowing this I realized that in wanting to be right the first time I was assuming that any choice I would make had the (strong) possibility of being wrong. Perhaps I start in one direction and then I change, so I major in something else, am I wrong? When I phrase it like that I think it sounds completely ridiculous to believe I was wrong when at the time I made the original choice I had thought it through. Isn’t every learning experience a growing experience? So even if it is not what I ultimately desire don’t I still benefit from the experience?

The same thing happened to me when I was applying to colleges, I was just waiting for the “right fit” to happen. I know this does happen with a lot of people, that they just know that a particular college is right for them, but I never had a moment like that. This is why the quote rings so true for me, because I have always wanted to be a “wait till it’s right” kind of person when that is not me (and maybe most people) at all. There are a lot of decisions I am going to have to make that I am going to be uncertain about because sadly I was not blessed with the ability to see the future [/sarcasm]. This is something I have had to come to terms with and as much as I may believe that life is a journey (see blog banner) I often do not act on my belief, which, I suppose makes them beliefs I don’t believe in at all. Changing the way I think to match the way I act and vice-versa is something I have been consciously trying to take care of and in doing this I hope that it makes my life simpler. I think I could use a bit of simplicity at the moment.


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