iPod for Learning

I have been having trouble thinking of things to blog about outside my daily activities, so today I went on a blog search and stumbled across College v2. One of the entries caught my eye because coincidentally I had been thinking about using my iPod the same exact way. Her post Use Your iPod as a Tool shares ways to use your iPod as study tool and learning tool.

“You can use your iPod to downloaded books, textbook study guides and languages. Not only that, can buy additional software for the iPod that will let you record your professors lectures…”

I can’t tell you how many times I wish I could remember exactly what a professor had said about something. I’ll be the first to admit that I am attached to my music and because of it I am always carrying around my iPod. So having the opportunity to listen to a class I missed or listening again to a professors lecture would be beneficial to my learning.

Some professors might be afraid that if they have their lectures available online then students won’t come to class. I say, if your class is boring enough that I could just listen to you lecture to get all I need, maybe your class needs to be more interesting. I’m not implying that I need to be entertained in order to come to class, but even having a simple discussion or just asking the class questions does wonders to help facilitate understanding of the material.

The post ends on this note:

“One thing is for certain, technology will allow for us to learn in many new ways that will enhance the learning experience and make it easier to tailor education to best fit our needs. “



1 Response to “iPod for Learning”

  1. 1 Julica January 30, 2009 at 11:30 am

    I never knew that you could use your ipod for education like you said. But i think that it is a great idea, most people have an ipod these days and if we could use it for more than one purpose, downloading texts book and getting to listen to your lectures on your itunes would benefit you by allowing you to make up classes or even go back and review any material need!

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