A New Toy!

I was half asleep when I entered my 9:30 Econ class, but as soon as I saw Jerry was talking with my professor I knew something exciting was going to happen.

Our lucky class got to play with a new toy, the iClicker, and it was a fun experiment. Everyone in the class got to use an object that resembled a remote with a A,B,C,D,E and an On/Off button on it.


Simple enough to understand, right? So we did a multiple choice review for our midterm and when a question popped up on the screen we could click what we thought was the right answer and afterwards we could see a poll based on what everybody had picked. This is a great way to engage the class and to clear up questions and faulty logic right there in real time. I had fun with this new toy and I hope that I will see it again in the course of my learning.


1 Response to “A New Toy!”

  1. 1 Jerry Slezak March 1, 2007 at 9:07 am

    I’m glad to hear you liked using the iClicker. I really like the engagement they can create, especially in a larger lecture class. It also was pretty clear on a couple of the review questions that the class didn’t totally grasp the concept being tested. This allowed Dr. Ray to fill in those blanks in “real time,” which benefited everyone.

    Good luck on the midterm!

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