Meaningless Post, mostly…

I’ve just had a lot of thoughts running through my head the last couple days, just nothing I can really write about at great length thus the bullet point post:

  • I had my advising meet on Monday, which means I am close to registering for fall classes. I am quickly running out of Gen-Ed goals to meet, so sooner or later I am going to have to start seriously thinking about what I may want to major in, oh bother…
  • Now that I am officially a YL over at Stafford I’ve had to confront one of my biggest weaknesses (fears?). Anybody who has just met or has ever really had a one on one conversation with me knows that I am not really good at them, so having to put myself out there and meet these kids has been an interesting challenge. I’ve come to the point where I’ve googled conversation starters, thank you google! haha.
  • Did you ever feel bad for a professor because no one in the class ever talks during discussion? I have one of those classes this semester and it is an all freshmen class, which may or may not have something to do with it. The professor has brought in interesting material, that with any other group of people would encourage the class to talk, but in our class it is like pulling teeth. I’m probably guilty of not speaking up as much as I could, but…actually I don’t have any good reasons not to.
  • Me and my friends like to discuss our (bizarre) dreams and I have been having this reoccurring one about this person I’ve actually never met (but who really exists). My friend decided it would be very weird/funny to ever meet this person and if I did I should write a story about my dream meetings and my real meeting. Now if I could actually make money off some of my weird dreams that would be perfect, but sadly I think real plays/shows/movies require some sort of logic. I think about my dreams more than I probably should…
  • Has Spring finally arrived? Thank goodness!
  • I am out of anything meaningful to say (if any of the above actually counts as such). I should really be doing something else…

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