Thoughts From My Cousin

My cousin is a senior at Gettysburg College and she recently put the following on her Facebook. She lived 2 houses away most of my life so we shared many of the same experiences. Many of them joyful memories but, probably a few tragic ones that we wished we didn’t have to go through. I just had to share it and I really hope one day she does write a book about it.

“I think we should stop saying “everything happens for a reason,” or “you’ll be fine” to one another. Such phrases actually invalidate the reality of how real and absurd life is, and they keep us from really facing things and going through them. Someday I’ll write a book about this and hopefully it will make more sense. For now, it is my sincere hope that everyone will assess and challenge the idea that everything happens for a reason. There’s a difference between reason and purpose.”

She puts into words the feelings that sit in my brain in scattered bits and pieces. Just one reason out of many why I love my cousin.

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