One of those weeks…

This has been an odd week, but odd in a good way.

Things have changed, ways of thinking and things that are beyond description, at least at this point. I am in the midst of some sort of transition and I don’t think I’ll be able to identify what exactly it is until I have gone past it. It would be much easier if one could physically experience ones mental journey. Being able to identify signposts “You are at Enlightenment”, “Anger City”, “Conflictville” would just be a useful thing at this point.

In any case, I am going to be presenting at the Student Academy on March 31st and also participating in a panel, pretty much the excitement of my week. I’m still in the planning stages of what exactly I want to say for my presentation, but I’ve already got a few ideas swimming around my head.

As I was checking my Bloglines feeds, I clicked on a folder to go back and read a post I had read earlier and apparently clicking the button sent my Bloglines backwards in time about 40 years. It not only showed the posts that had been posted in the last 48 hours, but apparently posts that had been submitted December 31st, 1969. Obviously this is a computer error, but intrigued by the fact that it pulled up a bunch of random posts I felt perhaps the Bloglines Feeds gods were sending me a sign. Most of the posts had been written around August of 2005 and just going through them was an enlightening experience, viewing someones thought process from the first inspiration. Realizing a person blogged on something in 2005 that I currently think about creates a connection across time itself. In addition, apparently people aren’t just born smart and full of wisdom it is actually attained over trial and error…

My weekends plan are to catch up on the sleep that has been sorely missed this week.


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