My very dorky internet past exposed

I’ve been busy the last few days and my brain has finally demanded I get some thoughts out, if only for the sake of having more room.

The presentations at the student academy were informative, funny, and re-awakened my long dormant inner internet/computer geek. After the event I started having flashbacks to my former geeky internet past. I have trouble recollecting specifics (was middle school really that long ago?), probably because I haven’t thought about this part of my past since it occurred, so dorky confession time!

In middle school I was really into the WWF (now the WWE), every Monday and Thursday was spent watching wrestling. I even went to a ‘Raw is War’ event at Continental Airlines Arena. So naturally in the endless abyss that is the internet I found WWF rpg’s (role play games) although they were more like pseudo-rpg’s, in any case I participated in them. I won’t go into exact details of how they worked because each site had its own particular rules and I have already embarrassed myself enough. I do remember learning some basic HTML code and thinking myself pretty tech savvy for a middle schooler. Of course this story gets geekier, how could it not? Not only did I participate, I created WWF rp sites (around 2 or 3). The one I remember the most is the one I ran with someone I had met online. He taught me different codes and tricks of the trade but, my memory of the specifics are now non-existent. The details of how the websites were set up are gone from my memory too but, the fact that I actually did this is just a bizarre memory. Almost as if I am giving details of events from someone else’s past. I wonder if anyone else my age has weird past-internet memories?

After this memory resurfaced I was confronted by the feeling that I am underutilizing the internet, there is a lot of potential out there.

In any case, I plan on posting actual thoughts on the student academy and the panel discussion soon…


2 Responses to “My very dorky internet past exposed”

  1. 1 sgreenla April 3, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    “I wonder if anyone else my age has weird past-internet memories?”

    I’m no longer your age, but I have plenty of pre-internet computer exploration memories. It seems pretty normal to me.

  2. 2 Dr. C. April 3, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    That’s eerie: I was reading along, got to your question about weird past-internet memories, and thought, “I’m going to quote that question and say something about it.” Then I scrolled down, finished reading, and saw that Dr. G. had already quoted the same question.

    Sometimes life rings the Big Bell and you can feel the resonance in your chest….

    I have lots of pre-internet computer exploration memories as well. One of the interesting things about getting older (which even you are doing, of course) is that one begins to discover certain “rhymes” or patterns in one’s life. It’s hard to see them while you’re rocketing through adolescence, but college is the time things begin to, well, not so much slow down as *accumulate* enough to start revealing the rhymes. It’s an interesting sensation.

    There’s a vivid, boisterous, and fun community of folks with these kinds of memories and, dare I say it, these kinds of dreams. Welcome.

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