News spreads fast. The power of the internet

If you ever doubted the ability of the internet to spread information…

So as some may or may have not heard the Free Lance-Star reported, “president of the University of Mary Washington was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol”.

The first place I saw this was posted on the network page of UMW on Facebook. Interestingly enough this is the first day of Facebook’s new look that includes this network page…it already proves itself useful!

I took a walk around campus around 5pm and I could hear people talking about the DUI charge and giving an approving, “Hell yea!” when asked if they had heard. Obviously this sort of things establishes “street cred” among college kids.

It doesn’t stop there, there already 2 Facebook groups dedicated to this incident.

Of course the University issued an e-mail that gives a little more detail:

“[President Frawley] was in an automobile accident yesterday in Northern Virginia and was admitted to Fairfax Inova Hospital. He insisted on leaving the hospital early in the morning, against advice, and returned to Fredericksburg. Earlier today, President Frawley was involved in another incident, the police were involved, and he is currently at Mary Washington Hospital for medical care.

It was a little vague about the incident that took place today…like it even matters now, everyone knows!


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