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I know there have been many blog posts about the VA Tech tragedy but, some things are just so profound you have to talk about them.

I know of some students that go to VT but, most of my friends here at Mary Wash that are from Virginia are the ones that know countless students that go to VT. I was standing alongside many students today in the nest as we watched things unfold before us on the TV. People frantically dialing to reach friends who attend VT, my heart just ached to see worry on so many faces.

We had Young Life club tonight and my friend who was giving the talk was very shaken by the whole tragic situation. But she was able to use today’s tragic events to connect and come across with such sincerity that I was touched by what she said. We were talking and praying before club started and my friend said what struck her the most was the fact that it was so random and it could have happened to anyone on campus. In fact it could happen at any campus (or anywhere for that matter). You wake up and go to class like you do everyday and you end up losing your life…

These sort of tragedies are some of the hardest to deal with, what can people possibly do to help? All you can really do is show your support and pray. Tragedies of this magnitude remind me of how lucky I am and they make me think about the things that really matter.


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