Just Go and Listen

So as I was obsessively watching my Bloglines feeds today a new post over at Gardner Writes popped up. I stopped what I was doing to go over and read and I was excited to see it was a podcast of the keynote address from the 2007 Kemp Symposium, “Apt Numbers, or, Sense Variously Drawn Out”. I had wanted to go, but my friend had given me one of those looks that told me I needed to stop stalking him, not that I am, it is just my friends perception (I hope). Thanks to technology and Dr.Campbell’s awesome ability to utilize it, I had the opportunity to listen.

I highly recommend you go listen to it. I’ll admit that my knowledge of poetry has glaring gaps, but the take away message still packs a punch. It is the kind of thing that makes you take a deep breath and when you do, you feel it way down.

After listening I thought about my own music obsession and my music life. I remember fondly listening to The Beatles on cassette, with my mom, they were my first favorite band. For my 7th birthday I was given Green Day’s “Dookie” CD, now I wonder how I was even allowed to have that at the age of 7 but, still it is an album I love. You know what, just go listen to what Dr.Campbell has to say, he says it much better.


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