Trying to Expand

About a week into the year of blogging and I’ve already realized I can’t go about ranting everyday, without driving myself crazy. I think I edited yesterdays post about 10 times after publishing it. So I’m trying to push myself to think outside my normal cycle of “real school kool-aide”, I’ll admit I am bit addicted.

I had a conversation with Joe (who has also fallen into the trap of working as a student aide at DTLT) and his different view on real school and web 2.0 matters has stimulated some thought. As we chatted I talked about how blogging is important to me because I feel more connected with everyone and that I value having a pathway to converse and learn from other bloggers. Joe responded by saying he never really thought of blogging like that and for him blogging is another form of press. Our conversation carried on and I felt like I was getting that other perspective I have been wanting for awhile. One of my problems is that when I try to think of counter-arguments I tend the counter those counter arguments and I am stuck with the same old record playing in my head. I’m still learning to be critical of my own beliefs.

So one of my goals over this year of blogging is to critically examine my ideas and beliefs, play a bit of devils advocate. In some ways I am looking for an argument, someone to challenge what I have put out there, to stretch my thinking a bit. I could put something ridiculous out there, I’m not sure yet, but whatever it is, it will take some thinking.

Now taking a few steps back to something I mentioned in the first paragraph. As I mentioned, blogging has been important to me because of the community that is involved and the connections between people. So another goal of blogging over the year is to come up with questions I want other people to respond to. I would respond to these questions too, but I’m really looking what you guys have to say. Nothing incredibly personal, but questions that encourage the community to respond and share an experience. Again I’m not exactly sure what kind of questions I will ask, it could be anything I suppose (off the top of my head: describe a class that changed your life) and I would even encourage other bloggers to put out questions of their own. It sounds kind of creepy, but I want to know you! Growing up I didn’t want my parents to tell made-up fairy tales, I made them tell me stories from when they where younger. So, whats your story?


2 Responses to “Trying to Expand”

  1. 1 Gardner January 9, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    Great plan. Essay questions!

    Perhaps one answer to the Joe/Shannon blogging understandings is to say that blogging is not just one thing, any more than books are all the same. When I blog, I’m usually writing mini-essays about what’s on my mind. When I blog events, which I used to do more often and want to get back to doing more, I’m like a commentator more than a reporter. Hey, the paper includes both, so there is a precedent. What I rarely do is blog in a journalistic way *per se*. Many bloggers do. Some blogs have multiple authors (or “stringers” I suppose) to feed the daily updates. That’s great too, but it’s not what I’m doing. The fact that both occur within the framework of a blog is more coincidental than not, I’d argue.

    I suppose I’m saying that there’s no real conflict to consider or reconcile between Joe’s and your practice of blogging. There may be, however, a way to adopt or adapt other possibilities within a portfolio of approaches. (Please tell Joe not to blog about how he doesn’t know what I mean by that. I’ll be happy to explain in person. :))

  2. 2 Joseph January 9, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Ouch. Gardowned 😦


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