Where Has The Time Gone?

This is just a brief post because I have run out of time today to put together some coherent thoughts or even the 100-word a day piece (which I enjoy quite thoroughly).

So briefly:

*Interesting post by Serena. I’m going to have to return to this soon and discuss what she has said, its good stuff.

*Just did my first paper of the semester (its taken this long? Awesome!). It is the proposal for my research project. I put it off to the last minute, but I am glad I’m not experiencing the same writer’s block I had last semester. Still recovering from that brick wall. Oh and in case you are interested I’m doing research on female pilots during WWII specifically the Women Airforce Service Pilots, woo history!

*Recently, I have this feeling of being overwhelmed by information, blogs, etc. During the fall semester I could keep up pretty regularly with the new posts on UMW blogs, but now there is so much stuff going on I don’t know where to begin. I don’t consider it my responsibility to go through it all its just a weird overwhelmed feeling and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Not sure if I am explaining that well. Guess a blog post is in order.

More to say in the coming days.


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