Today’s 100-word topic is: Victory

I often have dreams where I am a foot soldier in a war. I’ll hold my gun close and sit against a tree, waiting for some orders from an officer in charge. During these dreams I never think about the overall victory of winning the war, that big large concept that makes us blind to the lives that are sacrificed for victory. No, I’m concerned about my life and the lives of my fellow dream soldiers. And from that moment of intense dream reality I am reminded that each mouthful of air is in its own way a small victory.

1 Response to “Victory”

  1. 1 bgexperiments February 9, 2008 at 8:00 am


    What dreams! You remind me of how I felt when my older brother was waiting to hear if he had been granted conscientious objector status during Vietnam, how every night I would go to sleep with images from the television and magazines and newspapers haunting me. I think I was just plain old scared and didn’t have the wonderful perspective you do about realizing how precious and wondrous life is.

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