Not My Thoughts On Imagination

I’ve you haven’t heard of “This Date, From Henry David Thoreau’s Journal” blog, it is an interesting read. As stated everyday there is a blog post from a journal entry. In some ways it brings Thoreau back to life, more accessible.

Here is today’s journal entry from 1859, enjoy:

Sometimes in our prosaic moods, life appears to us but a certain number more of days like those which we have lived, to be cheered not by more friends and friendship but probably fewer and less. As, perchance, we anticipate the end of this day before it is done, close the shutters, and with a cheerless resignation commence the barren evening whose fruitless end we clearly see, we despondingly think that all of life that is left is only this experience repeated a certain number of times. And so it would be, if it were not for the faculty of imagination.


1 Response to “Not My Thoughts On Imagination”

  1. 1 Gardner February 15, 2008 at 6:22 pm


    Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t know about the blog, but I’m sure glad to know about it now.

    Again, thanks.

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