D is for Dogs

If you know me at all you know I am a dog lover. I am currently dog-less because my doggy lives in NJ and if anything that makes my love for dogs even stronger (absence makes the heart grow fonder?).

DSCN1081So what is it about dogs? I am going to invoke the usual description of dogs as loyal, always happy to see you, and completely pet-able. Dogs have every trait I would want in a pet. Maybe it makes me narcissistic that I want a pet that adores me but, considering the amount of time I also dedicate to my pets I am glad that it seems like a reciprocal relationship.

I have many strong associations with dogs and comfort. God knows how many times my dog has been a pillow to cry on. And those days when life is overwhelming and stressful, taking a nap on the couch with a dog is a great cure.

And maybe my love for dogs isn’t completely logical but, at the end of the day my dog doesn’t judge me for all the nonsense I ramble on about. 🙂

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