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Today’s 100-word topic: Fire

The bonfire hypnotized us into silence those late nights in Liz’s backyard. We were savoring the last summer before we all went off to college and started our new lives apart. There was the usually chat of random nonsense that we had all grown accustomed to, and when we had stared long enough into the fire and our souls we imagined the future. Those late nights never accomplished anything.

We were on the cusp of a new beginning. Waiting for the time where we would rise up, like a phoenix, from the embers of those nights into an unknown future.



Todays 100-word topic: Blisters

Every camp I’ve been to I have brought back a sticker and placed it on the door to my room. They move along in chronological order, showing a timeline of my summer adventures. After I would get home from a new camp I’d stick the new piece of memory to my door. Inevitably the sticker would not go on right and there are no re-dos with those kinds of stickers. At first the blistering annoyed me. But now I like to imagine them as pocketfuls of oxygen exhaled in deep breath of contentment, a bit of memory in a bubble.


Today’s 1oo-word topic: Transition

I’ve never really understood transitions. It has taken me the longest time to learn how to write them into papers, but still my words seem to run on and confuse. When I speak, my sentences do not invoke images of coherent ideas, but rather choppy nonsense in my own tongue. It is hard for me to take notice of the transitions, the changes in my life; although I am aware they happen. Maybe I feel like I’m in a constant state of transition and that this life is just changing me for the next. Who knows what lies ahead?


Today’s 100-word topic: Wednesday

Wednesday, I have lived through a thousand of them, none in my memory more exceptional than another. Wednesday and I are merely acquaintances, meeting once a week. Despite this, Wednesday has seen me at my best and worst, and it has quietly passed in the background, without a word of encouragement or praise. In all fairness I have never reached out to Wednesday either. But Wednesday always comes, faithfully, ignoring my hopeless dependency on its passing every week. I’ve often wondered though, when the day comes that I miss my meeting with Wednesday, will it even notice I never showed?

PS – I’ve been sick the last couple days. Trying hard to finish off some non-100-word posts.


Seeing as I missed Saturday’s 100-word topic because I was away I thought I’d go back to that, so today’s topic: Fresh

It was probably around day five on the sea kayaking trip when we reached the waterfall. We were tired and the hot weather beat down on us as we paddled, but we arrived. Our clothes and bodies were caked in salt, dirt, and food.
The waterfall’s freezing water had probably been snow covering the top of a Canadian mountain only a few hours earlier. But despite the frigid temperatures we all jumped in, thankful for salvation from the salt water we had paddled through all week. The fresh water rained down on us as we stood underneath the cleansing downpour.

I’ve got a non-1oo-word post headed your way tomorrow.


Today’s 100-word topic is: Victory

I often have dreams where I am a foot soldier in a war. I’ll hold my gun close and sit against a tree, waiting for some orders from an officer in charge. During these dreams I never think about the overall victory of winning the war, that big large concept that makes us blind to the lives that are sacrificed for victory. No, I’m concerned about my life and the lives of my fellow dream soldiers. And from that moment of intense dream reality I am reminded that each mouthful of air is in its own way a small victory.


Today’s topic: Standard 

My mother once told me a story about how a bad snow storm forced the school to close early. The students were sent to the gym while they waited to be picked up. During the wait some students pulled out a record player and put on the Beach Boys “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. Alas, once the teachers heard the lyrics they told the students to shut off the music. I had to laugh at the change in standards. To think the Beach Boys were ever considered inappropriate seems odd when I owned Green Day’s Dookie album when I was seven.


Today’s 100 word topic: Squash

When I was younger I liked vegetables, I wouldn’t say I loved them, but I never had to be nagged at dinner time. My brother tended to gag on the vegetables he could not stomach and my father would glare and make remarks about how ridiculous my brother was acting. In my nine year old mind I equated being able to eat squash, zucchini, and radishes as a form of maturity. Clearly being more sophisticated than most children I was ready to handle whatever the world threw at me. I’m still not sure if I was right or wrong.

The Lighthouse

Today’s 100-word topic: Lighthouse.

How often do I find myself on a one man boat in the midst of a tempest? The harbor seems out of reach and my tattered sails struggle against gale force winds. I am unable to save myself from unending swells of salt water pushing me to the deck.  I am filled with fear, but I hold onto the hope that One thing can save me. The Lighthouse, a guiding light in treacherous storms and unending fog. When the night is dark, pitch black, and even the stars seem to hide, the Lighthouse cuts through the void and leads me home.


The clock, an ever diligent employee of time, is all at once a helpful guide and a subtle reminder of our helplessness. It can only offer up the answer of where I am at this very moment. For a device that understands very little about time the clock gets a lot of attention. And I understand we persist in this concrete method of measuring time because it provides us with a tangible structure. But it is vital to realize it is just one measurement of time and one can measure life by more than the ticking away of seconds.

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