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26 Letters in 26 Days

It is very convenient this year that Thanksgiving (for us Americans) falls on the 26th of November and that there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Do you see where I am going here?

I propose a 26 letters in 26 days blogging series, going through each letter of the alphabet and describing something we are thankful for (I know cheesy) in the spirit of being thankful all November long. From the silly things to the serious I hope this will be a fun and challenging way to blog during the month of November.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by floodllama

So anyone else want in? Maybe a good tag to go along with this? 26in26? I don’t know, I am open to suggestions for guidelines. In any event starting November 1st I will be starting off  at the letter “A”, hope to see you there.


The Week Long Experiments

I have this strange idea in my head and I’m throwing it out there to hear what you guys think and too see if you have any ideas.

Ever since I watched the movie Hard Promises (a bad 90s romance film) I identified with the male lead, Joey, who can’t deal with doing just one thing and his wander lust takes him to jobs all over the country. I knew that was how I felt about doing jobs. I’ve always been interested in learning a mile wide and an inch deep; I always wanted to move on to the next adventure.

In order to quench my insatiable urge to learn about a wide variety of things. I am instituting for myself the week long experiments experiment. I will spend a week learning about something and learning about it through what ever methods necessary. For example what is it like to be a vegetarian? I would probably spend the week as a vegetarian and researching the history of vegetarianism and asking all sorts of other question too. Naturally I would blog during the week about my experiment. There are a myriad of possibilities here and  I want you to help me think of more ideas. Hopefully once this project gets off the ground you could also help me form my research into each subject. I would also encourage anyone who would want to participate to try it out too, the more the merrier right?

So as of right now I have a few ideas for week long experiments, but I’d love to hear from you. So leave a comment (or multiple comments!) this experiment depends on help from you guys. If everything works out I would start this project during the summer when I have a little more free time to experiment.

Here are some ideas are I have so far: Learning about photography, Buddhism, week as a mute (crazy I know), practice parkour. Again anything and everything that you think would be worth investigating or maybe something that is just wacky and would make for an interesting week.

Shoes & A Caricature

Todays topic is shoes. Also at the end of this post you’ll find a lovely caricature.

  I have devoted years to the first love of my life. And it’s strange to me that most people at school don’t understand that euphoric sensation I feel when I get into a well-worn uniform and some dirt-caked cleats. Soccer was not just an activity, it was a mindset. Perhaps it is analogous to how I now consider myself a lifelong learner; in my youth I was a soccer player. It’s even harder to explain now that my cleats seldom see grass or mud. But when that unexplainable desire comes kicking at my door, I joyfully lace up my cleats.

 I will preface this caricature by saying that this is none of my own work, but the work of my very talented brother. He has only seen Gardner in a picture I showed him so I was impressed that he remembered what he looked like. My brother would probably also be very embarrassed and say its a rough sketch, but it is still better than anything I can draw. I’m still trying to get him to do other caricatures, but for now this will do. Also my brother decided if Gardner had a band it would be named “Gardner Campbell and The Groves of Academe”.



A few days ago me and a friend went to Borders bookstore and ended up wandering around the children’s section looking for books that we remembered reading in the past. It was fun to search back in the dusty corners of our brains where the memories of those book had been sitting quietly. She talked about “Amelia Bedelia” books and how her mom used to read “Nancy Drew” to her and her brother. I talked about being scared out of my mind by “Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark”, I’m not sure how they were ever allowed in my elementary school library, the cover alone is frightening enough.


We both agreed that “Sideways Stories from Wayside School” is one of the best book series of all times. We also both remember having our minds blown away reading “A Wrinkle in Time” when it was said that the shortest distance between to places was not a line, but a wrinkle. These were landmark moments in our childhood.

An hour passed and we decided that perhaps we had spent enough time in the children’s section. Before we left though I had to buy a copy of “Half-Magic” by Edward Eager. I remember this book fondly and all the magic, time travel, and global wanderings the children in the story encountered. This was a book I had picked out myself and had found by just wandering through the library. In many ways it felt like a secret book no one else knew about because our class wasn’t required to read it and I wasn’t reading it for any project, it was just for me.

I was inspired to write this post because of a comic I saw over at My brother was a huge fan of the Redwall series, I think I only read one. Probably because by the time I had heard of them I was going through that phase where I thought I was above children’s literature. If I had the time to reread all the books I read as a child how different would they all seem now and would that magic be lost? I’m not sure. Maybe some things are best left to memory.


I have an idea for a type of blogging, although I don’t think I’ll be the first to think of it and definitely not the first to practice it. How about blogging in a half delirious state after a busy day and mix in a little sleep deprivation? I’m sure we will have more crazy posts than we know what to do with.  Can you tell I’ve been driven a little mad from over exhaustion?

Right now I am currently trying to get my room in order. My room was rather a mess when I left it and it never really got put together right in the first place so I’m trying to find a way to make it all fit. I have more stuff than I actually need and I am contemplating ways to get rid of some of it, junk does not make me happy.

Blogging everyday (or the thought of blogging everyday) has certainly pushed my mind in several directions. Maybe it will give me good reason to explore topics that I don’t usually and keep the randomness going. A good dose of unexpected and unhinged blogging never hurt anybody, right?

My roommate has put up a countdown calender for how many days are left until George W. Bush is out of office. Ah yes, it is good to be back at college.

My Debut Album!

Ok so maybe I don’t have a debut album, but I saw this fun little game on a friend’s LJ. Normally I am not suckered into doing things like this, but I liked the fact it uses wikipedia and flickr. So here goes the game:

Go to…

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

My results:


I actually don’t think that is half bad. It sounds mysteriously artsy and layered with meaning heh.

The name of the band is Cerro del Topo Chico, its a small mountain in Mexico and literally translates to Small Mole Hill.

The name of the album is A Child of Five. The quote comes from Groucho Marx, and the full quote is “A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.”

The album art is courtesy Fabrizio e gli scatti. One problem I had was finding a photo that wasn’t copyrighted and that would actually let me copy and paste it. So I kept refreshing until the third photo let me copy it (although I think this one is copyrighted too).

Is it obvious I’m still have trouble trying to figure out what to write about? heh

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