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Shoes & A Caricature

Todays topic is shoes. Also at the end of this post you’ll find a lovely caricature.

  I have devoted years to the first love of my life. And it’s strange to me that most people at school don’t understand that euphoric sensation I feel when I get into a well-worn uniform and some dirt-caked cleats. Soccer was not just an activity, it was a mindset. Perhaps it is analogous to how I now consider myself a lifelong learner; in my youth I was a soccer player. It’s even harder to explain now that my cleats seldom see grass or mud. But when that unexplainable desire comes kicking at my door, I joyfully lace up my cleats.

 I will preface this caricature by saying that this is none of my own work, but the work of my very talented brother. He has only seen Gardner in a picture I showed him so I was impressed that he remembered what he looked like. My brother would probably also be very embarrassed and say its a rough sketch, but it is still better than anything I can draw. I’m still trying to get him to do other caricatures, but for now this will do. Also my brother decided if Gardner had a band it would be named “Gardner Campbell and The Groves of Academe”.



“Mama Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away”

Channeling a bit of Paul Simon in this post, but up until I heard this song I had never heard of the term kodachrome and guessing from the lyrics it had to do with photography. So I took a walk over to my local reference site and according to Wikipedia it has been around since 1935. So they’ve been taking color photos since 1935? Clearly I’m not familiar with photography history and I have been highly underexposed to color photos from this time era.

This is connected to a photo blog Jim has linked to several times, called Shorpy: The 100 year old photo blog. A few months ago I had looked at it briefly and it completely threw me off that there were color pictures (vivid color) from the 1940s at first I thought they had been photoshopped. I wonder how I have never been exposed to such pictures until now? This is going on my list of “Why The Internet Rocks My World” because without it I would never have had access to the this archive of historical photos (in high-resolution!). Maybe its just me, but somehow the color photos make me feel more connected to the people in the photos, perhaps it makes more realistic. Anyone else feel the same way?

Here are some thumbnails but I recommend checking out the high-res stuff it is amazing.

1a35438upreview.jpg Sulfur Storage: 1942 1a35242upreview.jpg TVA: 1942 1a35312u_0preview.jpg Building Planes: 1942

On a random note I really like the opening line in “Kodachrome”:

“When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school
Its a wonder I can think at all.”
-Paul Simon

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