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Using my obession for a research paper topic = Awesome

I may have mentioned before that I am a (huge) fan of CSI, so I’ve been trying to think of ways I could blog about it besides saying, “ZOMG! CSI is the best, Grissom is awesome!!”, in a fangirly fashion.

So I’ve managed to come up with a valid reason to blog about it. In my English class we are doing a research projects and we were given a list of topics we can choose from. For whatever reason that day I was feeling particularly assertive so I asked the professor if I could do a topic not on the list, more specifically a paper on the “CSI Effect”. The CSI effect is the theory that television crime dramas cause jurors to have unrealistic expectations in the courtroom. Since this a relatively new phenomenon and not very widely known it is a little hard to find good articles on the topic but, technology magic happened!

On my bloglines account I have an RSS feed for a website called CSI Files, that pretty much keeps me updated on the latest news. So to my surprise and enjoyment an article popped up on my feeds about the CSI effect and it had a link to another article. Thank you technology for doing my research work for me!

Now I just have to refrain from making too many dorky CSI references in my paper, wouldn’t want people finding out about my obsession. 🙂


Interactive Viewing

For a week or two I’ve had a saved draft about the ways shows are engaging viewers outside the episodes of the show. I just never got around to finishing it, but I stumbled across this article, so I started a new post because I was too lazy to go back to the old one.

I have been a fan of the Sopranos for awhile so naturally I am excited that it is starting up again. I’ll also admit the fact that it takes place in my home state is an appeal, so when I saw this interactive feature I could not resist.

“The Time-Warner unit will launch interactive satellite maps from Google on its web site starting on February 27 to highlight the locations of key plot points involving James Gandolfini’s character Tony Soprano and his cronies on the series. HBO will also buy search advertising keywords from Google in order to drive people to the maps.”

So I googled ‘Sopranos’ and the second thing that popped up was the interactive map. So for people that don’t have a life (like myself) or people looking to remember what had happened since Sopranos was last on it was a great tool. I have been discovering more and more ways that broadcasting companies are reaching out using the internet, and doing it creatively.

Also despite the fact that I don’t get HBO here I am sure I’ll find a way to download new episodes, thank God for the internet!

And maybe I’ll get around to posting that other saved draft.

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