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Word Camp NYC 2009: It’s All About Recovery

This past weekend I left with a car full of crazies to head up to Word Camp NYC. I met Tom Woodward for the first time and having spent practically 48 hours with him I feel like I have known him much longer. The two other fools in the car were Serena Epstein and Jim Groom.

Serena and I did a presentation on WordPress as a gateway drug that led to use outside the classroom where we were initially introduced to it. Our presentation was set up as a mock N.A. session where we discussed our use and the “evils” of wordpress. My favorite part of the whole presentation (besides the poster-board slides we used) was the great participation we got from the audience. So thanks to all of you who attended our session and made it so enjoyable!

Here is the audio I recorded from the session. Some of the audience comments are a little hard to hear but, overall I think it came out pretty well:

WordPress as a Gateway Drug (here is a link to the audio file)

Lastly, special props to all the CUNY and cool NYC people I met at WordCamp 2009 that made it so enjoyable. You guys rock!

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