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Just something to ponder

During the discussion in class on Thursday I was reminded of an article I read by Fareed Zakaria.

I recommend reading the whole article because it is quite interesting but specifically Zakaria made this statement,

“Global growth has its own complications. Demand for raw materials and energy is high and will keep rising. Countries that possess such resources—Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia—become islands of exception to the very rules of markets and trade that are sweeping the world. Thus global capitalism produces its own well-funded anti-capitalists.”

I believe Brian did actually bring this up in class (oddly enough I think he is reading a book by Fareed Zakaria, I think) and although I don’t have any deep analysis on this it is still raises many questions. Does capitalism always breed democracy? Or will these resource rich countries be able to avoid it all together? Of course nothing is forever but what possible strife could this cause in the future as economic markets expand and countries grow richer? So many questions that are unanswerable at the moment but its just something to ponder.


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