As I was strolling around the hallways of the internet I saw Barbara Ganley’s latest blog post. Her J-term class is experimenting with writing 100 words a day about a specific topic. And needing things to write about I thought hey, why not? This will also be a good lesson in brevity, which I am not so good at. So here goes my first attempt and if you couldn’t guess from the title the topic is furniture.

The day we rid the basement of the flower patterned couch with foam padding bursting from the seams, I quietly mourned the loss. The couch was older than me, full of memories of birthdays past. But no memories of sleepovers and parties were the reasons for my sentimentality. Its importance could be found in the latent memories of my father and the evenings we spent there, talking about the day and seizing the day. And that moment I realized he would not see the coming spring, he held me closely as I sobbed uncontrollably, the couch soaking up my tears.


4 Responses to “Furniture”

  1. 1 bgexperiments January 20, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Shannon, Well hot diggetty, you’re joining our 100 words experiment! Every day you’ll find a new topic posted on our Motherblog by one or another of the students. I’ll add you to our blogroll, so everyone can tune into your versions.

    As for your first entry here, you travel miles and miles of memory and emotion in 100 short words. I like how you open in a quiet grieving in the present just to uncover the raw pain of the past. Very real.


  2. 2 Mary-Kathryn January 20, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    So hauntingly beautiful~I had tears in my eyes.

  3. 3 AYule January 25, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Beautiful piece; a few things that might make it better: talking about the day/seizing the day (repetition…). I think you should consider inverting the first sentence, ie. “I quietly mourned the loss the day we rid the basement of the flower patterned couch with foam padding bursting from the seams” it gives the sentence more life, and we don’t have an awkward pause (comma) between the mourning and the couch, the two flow together as one experience. The last line seems, a bit, halting, which distracts from the extremely powerful imagery you’re evoking. Maybe disrupting the sentence structure there would be interesting too? Or maybe not. This is a really great use of the 100 word form — addresses such an intense subject and connecting it with something concrete, great!

  4. 4 Mark Sindone November 18, 2013 at 3:41 am

    I think this 100-words short story each day is really fun and does bring out the creativity in you. To illustrate any topics at all in under 100 words is not easy, and to be able to do so is a definite accomplishment. I used to treasure a piece of furniture too which is a storage cabinet that housed many of my childhood memories like toys and costumes. It was really hard to let go of it but it got too old to hold anything heavy so we got rid of it eventually. The sentimental value seems so priceless.

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