Is this generational, the age, or something else all together?

I’ve been reflecting on some things since hearing Dr. Hikes speak…

I’ve personally never really been fond of chit-chatting with people and I have even been guilty of running around a Blockbuster for 20 minutes avoiding some people I knew just so I wouldn’t have the same old conversation (where are you going to college?, what are you going to major in?, etc). I think its more of my awkwardness than anything but just because I don’t like to talk about the weather doesn’t mean I don’t like to talk. During the speech Dr. Hikes prompted us to elevate our conversation and personally I feel a distinct lack of “elevated conversations” among people my age. I’m probably just as guilty for not having the conversation because I tend to wait for someone else to bring it up but, for the most part a lot of students my age don’t seem to care.

I recently had a conversation with my friend about education. She said that education was just something she had to get through and that she didn’t really enjoy learning (and she wants to be an elementary school teacher). Not that she doesn’t like knowing things but it is the whole learning process that she wished she could skip over.

Now if this isn’t a sign of growing up in the Internet and information age I don’t know what is. Just like we all can easily access information online instantly my friend wants her education now and hassle free. There was an opportunity there for me to step in and insert my views (beyond the, “well I like learning”) but in the interest of preserving the peace I passed up the chance.

This brings up another point that Dr. Hikes made, which is to have conversations with people we disagree with. I think people right away cringe when they see the word “disagree” because in general it has a negative connotation and who wants to start a fight (and be declared the drama queen)? A disagreement doesn’t have to be a battle to determine who is right or who has the best idea and I think that’s what so many people are forgetting, myself included. I think I need to bring this up with my friends because it is probably something easily forgotten in a culture where winning is the most important virtue. If you really think about it having the chance to disagree or question is a privilege because there are places in the world where it is hard to have an opinion of your own. Even in the United States and dare I say even on Campus there are places where disagreeing and questioning is looked down on.

These thoughts are courtesy of insomnia and two bowls of ez mac (which in no way should ever be considered real macaroni and cheese but only as a last resort for food when hungry). After re-reading this post I noticed there are some incomplete thoughts in there which I hope to get back to at a later date but for now I have that thing called school work to do, so until then.


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