A pleasant if not weird surprise…

Today in history class we got our third paper back. For the paper we compared how the different mediums of film and the written word effect the way the story is presented. We compared The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin and the 1975 version of the film. When I wrote the paper (last minute naturally) I was pretty sure that it was one of my “not so good papers” and as most students dread the day the paper is returned, I too was overcome with a sinking feeling that my history grade was going in the wrong direction. It actually took me a minute to even want to look at it so you can imagine my surprise when I looked down at the coversheet and found a red “A” staring back at me. I thought, ‘Wow, what are the odds of that? This is a pleasant surprise and a little bizarre!’

So I read the professors comments (obviously the only time you have the nerve/bother to read what the professor wrote 😉 ) and this is what the comment said:

“Great job! You should consider majoring in film/media studies, clearly you have a gift understanding the power of film-vs-the written word.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and raise an eyebrow, here is a professor in my intended major telling me perhaps I should consider majoring in film/media studies.

In conclusion I’ve given up on knowing if what I’ve written is good or not and clearly I have been watching too many movies. Someone want to hand me the popcorn?


2 Responses to “A pleasant if not weird surprise…”

  1. 1 sgreenla April 24, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    A good teacher is interested in helping students make the most of their education, even if that involves taking courses in another department. It’s not like we work on commission, after all. 😉

    I’m beginning think that history might really work for you, given your interests and strengths. Still, you might want to take some film courses. I hear Campbell teaches a good one.

  2. 2 sehauser April 24, 2007 at 7:01 pm

    That day I was actually going to declare but I ended up not, not because I had second thoughts…it was just a weird coincidence.

    Good to know I have your vote of confidence haha. I have heard rumors that Dr. Campbell teaches a good one…it is on my “Classes I want to take before I graduate” list.

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